ORTONYX Forearm Crutches 1 Pair – Ergonomic Handle w/ Comfy Grip

| SKU #: OFC002
  • 100% satisfied customers & Guarantee
  • Well Qualified and Professional Technicians
  • No charges on Analysis and Opinions
  • Devices will be completely sealed from dust and moisture
  • Quick and Fast Turnaround time for Repair
  • Service prices are much lower than any other service centre
  • About an 95% chance of fixing your water damaged
  • Original Parts for your Device
  • Guarantee for Mobile Phones
  • HEAVY DUTY DESIGNED AND TESTED – Crutches Certified and Tested up to 308 lb Users Weight (EN ISO 11199-1)
  • EASY ADJUSTABLE Height (handle to floor) 30″-39″
  • COMFORTABLE Ergonomic Handle made of bi-injected polymer bring a real comfort for the hand
  • LIGHTWEIGHT BUT STURDY – One Crutch Weight less than 1.15 lb
    Anti-noise and anti-slip tip
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