EZee Life Jupiter Electric Power Lift Chair Recliner for Elderly with Footrest and Hand Powered Remote Control Lumbar Support Pillow Infinite Position Dual Motor Reclining Mechanism Separate Control for Backrest and Footrest for Living Room (Dark Brown)

| ELJ011
  • INFINITE POSITION RECLINE: The 2-motor lift chair allows for total recline and independent function of the foot and back. The feet can be elevated without reclining the back, the back can be reclined without elevating the feet or the back can be partially reclined while the feet are partially elevated. The options for positioning are infinite. Reclines to almost 180 degrees
  • Jupiter lift chair provides maximum seat lifting to assist and provide support to stand with durable and superb built quality to provide stability in full lift position. Wide construction provides greater side to side stability. Top steel base for durability and cross supports.
  • 100% Polyester Chenille Upholstered lounger style recliner provides full leg support. Comes with fused seating with no gap between the seat and footrest.
  • Low voltage motor, 24 volts, UL approved with direct drive activation synchronizes right and left sides for easy opening. Also comes with a battery backup in case of electricity failure. NOTE: Battery based operation should only be used as a back up and not for daily use purpose.
  • Suitable for individual height range 5’2” – 6’ (approximate based on average body proportions) and weight capacity 352 pounds
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